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43 National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing

ZBM ULTRA with pleasure to invite you to participate
in 43 National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing,
which will be under the motto:


21-23th October 2014
in Kudowa Zdrój
For more information visit kkbn.

ZBM ULTRA for decades engaged in the development of ultrasonic testing. Our offer includes the expected delivery of the equipment to test manually according to current regulations, as well as automatic and semi-automatic . Developed machine procedures and systems are designed to adapt to individual needs thus reducing the cost and time of testing. Our devices have a backup not only the subjective assessment of the operator, but also the entire course of the study. Developed by ZBM ULTRA systems often arise with inspiration coming from the industry therefore satisfy high requirements for ergonomic use and durability. ZBM ULTRA also perform ultrasonic testing by properly certificated staff both elements typical and atypical welds or products with unusual shapes or made ??of unusual materials.


Wifi ultrasonic flaw detector

ZBM ULTRA develop new devices to testing wheelset without dismantling. The complete instruments to testing the axis consists of the following elements:

  • digital ultrasonic flaw detector type CUD12 or 1 ÷ 10-channel CUD12 WIFI,
  • shield ultrasonic probess for testing from the face of the spigot,
  • special profiled ultrasonic probes for testing of the central portion of the shaft or ring of probes,
  • channels switch,
  • computer program (procedure)
  • instructions
  • ultrasonic pattern axis.

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