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Automated testing

Ultrasonic automated testing

Competition and customers requirements provide increasing quality levels of producing elements. Companies are increasing quality levels of details like: plates, steel construction or welded elements, through quality control systems at production level. In case of mass production manual testing is impossible because of big costs and small speed. Beside customers very often demand automated quality control systems. ULTRA Institute developed such system for automated tightness testing of fuel tanks - UltraBulki.
Manual welds testings, according to European Standards EN 1712, 1714 and newest PN-EN ISO 17640:2011, PN-EN ISO 11666:2011 are time-consuming. Because of that they are not suitable for fast testing of big number of welds. ULTRA Institute developed automated scanner for welds testing. Scanner increases speed of welds testing. With usage of scanner, operators needs only to search for imperfections. Other activities like: imperfictions valuation, sizing, weld valuation and testing documentation are made automatically by CUD flaw detector with scanner. Scaner provides possibility of fast testing of big number of welds and testing results are presented as map of detected flaws - Sonograms. Thanks to usage of scanner operator has fast response to question: Is this weld good according to EN 1712 and 1714?

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