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Ultrasonic examinations according to standards

Ultrasonic examinations according to standards

Ultrasonic flaw detector CUD can perform all the usual tests according to standards. CUD manages very well in welding, according to PN-EN 1712, 1714 and newest PN-EN ISO 17640:2011, PN-EN ISO 11666:2011. These tests may be performed manually which however, requires a good knowledge of standards and a large quantity of the test.
We have developed a test procedure in accordance with the standard, which specifies the course of investigations, the criteria and other ambiguities found in the standards. More informations about the procedure can be found here: IBUS-PN-EN - The procedure for ultrasonic testing in accordance with PN-EN 1712, 1714 and newest PN-EN ISO 17640:2011, PN-EN ISO 11666:2011. We are offering big help in testing of welds according to PN-EN 1712 and 1714 - a scanner and a map of detected flaws.

Other popular tests are tests of wheelset according to industry standards such as the BN-75 3518-02. Similarly, as in the case of euronorm to joints, manual testing requires knowledge of industry standards, and preparation of documentation is time consuming and complicated. We have developed special procedures for testing wheelsets that enhance research and a large part of the documentation draws automatically.

CUD can be successfully used to measure for example the thickness of the PN-EN 14127. Another use of flaw detector CUD are plates tests, according to PN-EN 10160.

CUD also suitable for tests such as "through transmission" method according to PN-EN 583-3. Such tests however, are usually individual and complex, in this case the test can be performed with a specialist procedure, such as here or here.

CUD flaw detector beyond all common types of tests according to standards can be used in many specialized applications, such as this. Moreover, the CUD flaw detector has many unique enhancements, which are described here and the ultrasonic flaw detector CUD.