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Full axes

Fully axes

Fully axes test can be done according to different norms. Equipment allows the test on various levels of automation and a variety of norms (test procedures). Manual test is a classic test, we use the defectoscope and probes. The semiautomatic test is conducted step by step by research procedure. The software can the archiving research results and automatically create and printing protocol according to user-defined template. Probes switch in combination with software accelerate the test. Channel selection can be controlled manually (channel selection by pressing the key on the switch) or through computer (the channel selection is automatic)..

Research are the following items:
Element Research methods
wheelset axes UT, MT, VT
rim wheelset axes UT, MT, VT
wreaths without rim UT, MT, VT
spring wagon UT, VT
hooks UT, VT

Research station wheelset axle:

Wheelset axle are sequentially examined: visual (VT), magnetic (MT) and ultrasonic (UT):
Position VT - on the swivels are wheelset axle, we can see the ratings chart.
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Position MT - the central part of axis are testing the magnetic powder coating wet method.
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Position UT - Ultrasonic testing wheelset axle, on the screen we see length echo of axis.
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Screenshot of step test procedure axis. The figure shows
defectoscope screen, in the background space probes and test area.

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Our offer:

  • Defectoscope CUD
    Defektoskop CUD
    Digital Ultrasonic Defectoscope CUD.
  • Probes switcher:
    Przełącznik głowic
    The switch is controlled:
    • by button,
    • by controller,
    • computer.

  • Probes:

    Głowice normalne