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The water moisten system of examined surfaces

the best of all!

The ultrasonic examination require the effective couplant medium to achieve good contact of probe to tested surface. The grease, oil, pastes (wallpaper paste, starch) are traditionally used as couplant medium as well as offered by various companies - often expensive.


Stickiness of applied liquids enables keeping their film on different oriented in space surfaces (e.g. on the wall, ceiling etc.). These couplants are good in cases when the probe is not moved e.g. thickness measurements. But for weld testing in which the cue of examination is to move the probe these couplants don't give the good contact, because probe movements wipe out the liquid and the probe looses the contact to tested surface.

The offered water dampening system of tested surfaces gives the good contact in every condition (Patent PL no. 72214/71). The water with detergents to get a good conatct is being passed to the probe. The probes has capillar cracks for spreading the water, which make the water film under the probe and can keep this film in different positions e.g. on the walls, ceilings etc.

Cables and Cable Adapters

The lemo connectors (small type) are used in CUD to connect the probes, which are usually equipped with 1m cable length. To connect other probes to CUD we propose the adapters with freely combined connectors e.g. LEMO<->BNC, LEMO (female type)<-> LEMO (male type), etc.

The adapters can work as extension cords. The length of cables may be ordered practically without limitation (but the attenuation should be taken into consideration).

Cable Adapters

For probes manufactures by other companies without resonance circuits we can make such circuits to the ordered cables or adapters.

Equipment case

The flaw detectors are supplied with aluminum protective case for keeping unit with its equipment - dampening system, probes, power supply, CD-rom with software, manual, straps for mounting the unit.

Equipment case