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Austenitic steel

Examination of welds made of austenitic steel

It is well known that there are difficulties in examination of welds made of austenitic steel. They are related to attenuation (sometimes very high) and deformation of ultrasonic beam. There is a lot of literature about it. Characteristic elaboration gives for example S. Mackiewicz in article (6.1). Quality description of events related to transmission of ultrasonic waves in materials that aren't structurally solid - like austenitic steel, suggest eventuality of appearing many possibilities of their interaction. This is a reason of advantage of quality descriptions of appearing events. In practice it's not useful beside general warning.
However necessary numerical approaches are usually strictly related to specific method of examination and its technical equipment. Example of that is IBUS-TD-06 method. Its validation is processed on calibration blocks identical with real parts (tanks). Validation is accordant to standard (6.3) means PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025-point 5.4.5. This validation provides full reliability and repeatability of received results of examinations.

Below you can see examination of real tanks made of austenitic steel with thickness 5mm. For these examinations Digital Flaw Detector CUD and special probe Tandem were used.