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Ultrasonic examinations of T-joints

Ultrasonic examinations of T-joints with thickness 1 mm and more

We are performing T-joints testing with usage of through-transmission method. According to EN 583-3 this technique can be used for detecting flaws and attenuation determination. Transmission technique is used for testing flat elements ex. plates and sheets. Beside this technique is used for examinations: ehrn shape, dimensions and orientation of expected flaws are disadvantege for receiving echo, in case of materials with high attenuation, thin elements.
The easiest examination bases on two probes - one is a transmitter and other is a receiver. Probes are situated on both sides of tested element. Transmited signal is received by other probe. Decrease of receiving signal amplitude can be used as flaw presence. Examination sensitivity is set on reference hole with agreed diameter.

Mechanization of examination with usage of through-transmission method is an important improvement that speeds up the examination. Thin mechanization bases on special setup of probes (see pictures) that provides optimal geometry during probes movements. Riksza and probes are supplied with magnetic holders. It provides very good contact with testing material.
Examination with usage of "riksza" provides possibility of usage of scaner for registration of examination.

  • We are performing examinations.
  • We are offering examination procedures depended on weld (group of welds) construction or type of examination.
  • We are offering computer simulations and choise of examination parameters, through "Symul" program.
  • We are performing weld examinations with thickness 1 mm and more.
  • We are offering full examination set, necessary to performing examinations.
  • We are performing trainings in the range of these examinations.
  • We are giving an examples of real applications.

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