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Scanner and a map of detected flaws - Sonogram - Evaluation

Built-in scanner is a unique feature of flaw detectors CUD.

  • automatic drawing maps of detected flaws - sonograms
  • automatic evaluation of defects by some standards (eg EN 1712-1714, and newest PN-EN ISO 17640:2011, PN-EN ISO 11666:2011)
  • you can copy the results to a computer and edit it
  • archiving

study carried out in two stages

  • appropriate test
    • automatic calibration and adjustment of all parameters of flaw
    • automatic recording of results to the memory flaw
    • Initial assessments weld length as on the photo

  • work on your computer
    • copy data
    • imaging - a map of flaws and automatic evaluation
    • automated printing protocols
    • archiving

Ultrasonic scanner

Link scanner

Ultrasonic Scanner Scanner stranded
  • Flaw detector using an ultrasonic scanner. Helping probe is used as an auxiliary transmitter and has a surface wave magnetic holder, holding up it permanently on the surface of the test. Probes with the letter S have two transducers, a research and the second is a surface wave receiver. Time course of surface wave pulse from the transmitter to receiver sets the location of the test head along the weld. Any incoming echo transducer S is the research probe of a defect in a momentary cross-section considered. In the bottom of the flaw detector screen is visible weld length scale, which informs us about the current tested section of weld. Detected flaws are drawn along the section of the weld.
  • Flaw scanner using wire. Special link scanner is connected directly to the probe by a steel cord. With the test probe movements, the distance between the scanner and the probe is measured.

Sonogram shows the test result, indicating the levels of acceptance and references in accordance with EURONORM. Also defects are measured according EURONORM interpreted as unacceptable by EURONORM sections are marked. The sonogram can easily read the size and location of the defect. A sample test result is described here - Sonogram .

Using description:

The results are saved and allow to draw a map of detected flaws - Sonogram .

scanner flaw detection window CUD, click to view a brief description.
heise online

Example sonogram, the corresponding colors are indicated levels of acceptance by any standard eg BS EN 1712 and 1714. Tube sections are highlighted unacceptable.