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Simulation of ultrasonic examinations

Simulation of ultrasonic examinations

ZBM Ultra presents special tool for simulation of ultrasonic testing - Symul. Performing simulations provides possibility of seeing everything that is hidden for imagination. In this program we can create any model of tested construction. It gives opportunity to observe ultrasonic beam in designed object. Thanks to that operator can properly design ultrasonic examinations. Symul is a perfect tool for simulations in any cases. Beside there is possibility of creation "non-typical" objects - welds that are assumed as non testable. Thanks to Symul we can verify that argument.

Symul can be easily translate into ex. English.

Introduction to Symul program
(movie with sound, download movie)

Presented movie shows the simplest case that ilustrate obviuos limitation - that detecting serious flat flaws is possible only if condition of perpendicularity of beam fall is fulfilled.
That limitation is often ignored in practice, usually because of lack of proper equipment (probe with right angle). That limitation is ignored even then if bias angles of joined elements are well known and refer to mass production.

Exemplary simulation of ultrasonic examination in Symul program
(movie with sound, download movie)

The easiest way to test weld in showed object is to use normal probe.
In case of more complex objects proper examination preparation seems to be impossible without special tool like Symul. Beside answer to frequently asked question: "Where is this detected flaw?" is impossible.

Program handling:

Probe settings (beam angle, divergence angle)

Object selection

Simulation parameters

Examples of simulations in Symul program